Customized Hand-Painted Tile & Wall Murals

by Judith Riola

Turning a house into a home

Have one of a kind tiles hand
painted from photographs to give
your home a unique personality.

Accents and Touches

Like putting the frame on a picture or the
pillows on a couch, these finishing touches
make the room.

Looking at these pictures in the building
blocks of the house itself has an amazing
emotional effect on all those who see them.
Memories baked into the glass - both
heartwarming and satisfying. 

They will bring smiles and contentment -
maybe even a tear.

These personal touches carry into the house bits and
pieces of character, personality, history, and nostalgia.
Like the pages of a book, the walls and counters will
tell a story of the people who live within and also
those who are gone but not forgotten.

At  temperatures that approach 1500 F. each  tile is    
sanded, painted, and  fired three  times  in layers  to
give the images depth and shadow. Each step takes
a day allowing time for the cooling  process and the
end  result  is  a beautiful  tile  with  the deep colors
baked into the glaze.

Click below to see a
Gallery of my work.

Tile Murals

Wall Murals

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Judith Riola
2105 CR 299
Dublin, TX 76446
email: Judith Riola

The Artist

Judith Riola works out of her studio
located at her home.  Along with
tile painting, her specialties include
portraits and various commissions
in watercolor, oil, and acrylic.  Her
most recent achievement in water-
color  appears  on  the  cover  of
Tarleton State University's Media
Guide featuring TSU's head coach
Craig Wederquist.

Please call ahead for an appointment.